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Rocky Mountain National Park – WOW!

Each day of our journey left us with memories that will will take with us for many years to come. Today was no different. Liz made us a fantastic breakfast before we set off to ride the Rim road of the RMNP. If you have not had the chance to visit the park, it must be added to your bucket list. The views are pure Colorado. Breath taking, Grand and my words or pictures do not even come close to describing how amazing this place is. Trust me it is a place to be seen. 

Leonard and liz joined us on our ride today. Its always fun riding solo with my awesome pillion, but from time to time the fellowship of rising with friends is much needed. We are so glad to have such nice people in our lives. Leonard and Liz are great people and we are proud to call them friends. 

We rode the rim road, taking our time and stopping to take pictures from time to time. We stopped at one scenic area and a little boy was very interested in the motorcycles. Leonard let him sit on the wing. The kid will never be the same. The smile was ear to ear. That kid is hooked. We enjoyed the park. The traffic was not horrible and weather was perfect.