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RTE – FM4, Lunch at Hard 8

I posted a quick link on Friday night, I wanted to take advantage of the great weather that was being forecast on Saturday. The weather did not disappoint. It was Beautiful all day long. A group of us met at the Starbucks around 7:30. Pete and Jackie and I were enjoying a cup of coffee when we were joined by a few guys from the Lone Star BMW club. I will remember their names eventually. We made introductions and just chatted about bikes. Mark Jensen hooked up with us somewhere on the Bush as we were slabbing over to get on FM4. The day was beautiful, the roads were fun and the company even better. We stopped around 1PM and decided to back track and have lunch at the hard 8 in Stephenville. It was very good. There was a good crowd of bikes in the parking lot, even a brand new C-14. The rider was Phil or Pete Harmon (sorry) and it was the first one sold in Texas. Looks great! We decided to slab home from there. I logged 350 miles of riding and sunshine, not a bad way to spend a late November Saturday! You can click on the pictures to get the full sized version.