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Shad Top Case SH48

I was tired of waiting on the color matched Kawasaki Top Case. I was told by my dealer when I purchased the bike it would be 6-8 weeks. Now I was being told that it would be late May or maybe even June before getting it. I could not wait any longer. My wife loves riding with me and she feels much more secure with a Top case in place. We also have a couple of 3-4 days trips coming up so I wanted to make sure we had something before those trips.  I had a SHAD top case on my C-14 and was very happy with it. I called Shad on a Friday and 5 days later I had all of the products. it installed in a little under two hours. It looks great on the bike and I have to say that I am very happy with the purchase. We leave on Friday for a 3 days over night trip, so I will let you all know more when I return. 

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