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Silverton, Durango, Pagosa, Crede a Village tour.

June 17, 2011 Cruising the Million Dollar Highway, Pagosa Springs and Wolf Creek Canyon.

Jamie and I had thought about back tracking, heading back up to Gunnison, then dropping down Co 149 into lake City and Crede on our way to Pagosa Springs. The construction from yesterday changed our minds so we decided to do some sight seeing on the [URL=””%5DMillion Dollar Highway[/URL]. We have done this a number of times, however it never gets old. It is a beautiful drive, somewhat slow in places as it gets very tight and some of those RV people think this is a good way to get up into Colorado. I enjoy it every time I am on it. You do have to be careful as a mistake up here could be bad. No guard rails and some pretty steep drops.

We left the hotel around 9AM letting it warm up a little, we also had to clean the bike up as the sprinklers made the bike a muddy mess. It was not too bad for us, but the 2 Harleys that were blinged out were not as fortunate. It would take days to detail those bikes back to bar hopping status. (sorry I had to say it) The owners were very nice and we crossed paths with them all day down 550.

Leaving Ouray we took a shot of why they call this village the Switzerland of the west. (again sorry for the pictures. the cell phone is all we had.)