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Sipapu BMW Rally – Wet & Fun!

I had always had this rally on my short list of venues to attend in the near future. I got some time off so I decided to make the trip. Jackie decided to join me. We headed out of town on Wednesday afternoon. I had to work until 12 noon, so Jackie rode over and met me at the Big Orange Box (Home Depot). The weather was in the mid 80’s so it made the slab down 287 somewhat bearable. We made it to Amarillo around 7PM. I was beat as my day started at 4AM. This day was uneventful, just the way we like first boring days to be.

Day 2 (Thursday) started at 7AM. We took advantage of the free breakfast and then hit the road. We headed down to Tucumcari NM and then jumped on 104 over to las Vegas NM. This is not a bad stretch of road. We ran into Yeeha Stephen in Las Vegas. Yeeha tagged along and we headed over to Taos to get some lunch. We were making great time and would have plenty of time to pitch our tent before the darkness arrived. 

We took a quick stop by Walmart as I needed to get some toothpaste, We then jumped up to the lodge. It is a very nice 20 mile jaunt to the lodge along a very nice road. When we arrived at the site, there were already a lot of people camping. We took the high ground and pitched our tents. The tempos were cool and it was a very pleasant afternoon.