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Sipapu Rally – LOEBMW Riders

This has always been one of my favorite rally’s to attend. It gives us an excuse to get out of the Dallas heat and back to our home of New Mexico. The LOEBMW Riders club put on a great event.

Jamie and I hit the road right at 5pm on Thursday. What does that mean you might ask. Traffic..Traffic and more Traffic and oh yeah the heat! Not the best time to leave the metromess. We road to Childress Texas before stopping for the evening.

Had a very bad experience at the Rodeway Inn in Childress. To start off the manager had no clue on how to check us in. He finally called on to get his daughter to help us. She did a great job, but we could tell she was not happy with her dad for making her do this. Then when we went to take a shower there were NO towels in the room. I went the next morning to get some and his response was, well let me check your room. WTF did he think we were stealing those cheap ass towels. He finally got our towels but I will never go back. Just an FYI for you all traveling through Childress. 

We got up looking for a much better day of riding. We were not disappointed. We made our way to Las Vegas NM for lunch. We ate at our favorite place Kocina De Raphael. The food was great as always. It has become a must stop when we are in the area.

We got into Sipapu around 3pm where we ran into the gang. It was a nice ride and the weather could not have been better.

We did a nice little loop on Saturday of the enchanted circle. We stopped at the Vietnam Memorial in Angel Fire, had a shake in Red River and then back to Taos for some margaritas. We headed up to the Lodge for the awards and just spent time with old and new friends. It was a great way to spend a Saturday.