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Snow Day Fun

The first snow in a few years here in NW Arkansas. It was a fun day.

Jamie and I were a little disappointed when we woke up on Sunday morning with no snow on the ground. We had went to bed with the weather reports shouting out the chance of 2-3 inches of snow. As we were drinking our morning coffee we noticed that it started to flurry. Within an hour it was an all out snow storm. The flakes were the big wet ones, the ones that were made for making snowballs and snow men, and it was starting to stick!

It came down good for a couple of hours and within that time we had a couple of inches of white fun. We both decided that we would get dressed and head out to play in the Jeep. I brought along the drone as I thought some snow shots would be cool.

We headed out to some dirt roads, to do some local exploration. We do these side roads all of the time. Nothing too technical, but its off the beaten path and there are spots that 4 wheeled drive would be needed, especially today as the snow was coming down hard. We did some exploring, just taking our time and taking in the beauty of the day. The snow was painting a glorious painting and we were taking it all in.

After a couple of hours we decided we had had enough fun and it was starting to get colder. The snow was not slowing down. On the way home we stopped by the Elk River to get the drone up. We spent some time making video, before jumping in the jeep and heading home.