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Social Media, Why do we do it?

Why do we spend hours uploading blog posts, writing ride reports, editing and posting videos, reading and posting on forums and other social media platforms? It must be the money…. yeah that’s it!

Let’s dispel the myth quickly! Yes folks I am not getting rich from any of these sites. In fact I have made Zero $$$ from any of my social media sites. The biggest reason for this is…. I DON”T ASK for any money for any of the media sites that I manage. Including my Motoadrenalinetours site. I got some feedback from someone on a DM from Facebook saying I was just using rides and doing reports to promote our Motoadrenalinetours business. First of all, the definition of business is;

Business is the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). Simply put, it is “any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

I have never asked for any money from anyone that has ever ridden with us or have used routes or any of my trip planning tools. There are no prices on any of the sites including

Then why do it? – The reason why is easy!

I am passionate about motorcycles. I like spending my time doing motorcycle related things. I love riding and sharing that experience with as many people as possible. We started our blog back in 2004. We have shared many great adventures with our riding friends. The rides are documented, the stories told and there are thousands and thousands of pictures to share. Many with great scenery, beautiful machines and my favorites.. those with riding friends with BIG smiles on there face. That is why I do it! The internet has made it possible for our hobby to reach so many people with different backgrounds and geographical locations. When Jamie and I moved to Dallas, we came across a site named Two Wheeled Texans. We met so many great people through this site and we still utilize it to this day. We have friends that we have ridden with for over 15 years because of this cool thing called the internet. If our blog reaches just one new rider and they become excited and takes part in our wonderful hobby, I will be happy!

Our Sites – Getting the word out!

We have many outlets that we share our Motorcycle thoughts. Here is a quick breakdown; Facebook: We have our personal sites, we belong to a number of groups (who’s entire reason for being.. is to promote that said activity) that we are very active in. I write posts, do videos and just talk to the motorcycle community. The object of Facebook is to get groups of like minded people talking, sharing ideas and creating a community. We try and do this. Any social media site will fade away and become forgotten if there is not steady traffic and a flow of ideas. So posting to sites it the life blood of making a group successful. That is why we do it. To promote this awesome hobby of motorcycling! Instagram: Its all about the pictures! I get numerous comments from our Instagram sites stating that our rides always look like fun. That the people we are riding with are truly enjoying themselves. Folks that is the idea! Motorcycles are fun and promoting our hobby through these sites is a great thing! Forums: I love reading and posting in a numerous amount of forums online. The exchange of ideas and the two way dialog just adds another enjoyable piece to this awesome hobby. I love the fact that no matter what you post or question you ask.. someone out there on the interweb has a thought or has experienced a scenario that could be like yours. Maybe I am the only one, but I get caught up in reading Ride reports for hours at a time. Sites like the following; Two Wheeled Texans Adventure Rider Versys1000 These sites offer a number of incredible ride reports, that after I read them makes me want to go and ride! People spend a lot of time and energy posting these ride reports and for that I am very thankful. What are some of your favorite sites for reading about other peoples adventures and journeys? Leave a note in the comments.

Youtube: I have just started this site in 2019 and I really like making videos and telling a story about our rides. All 70 of my subscribers seem to enjoy them as well. haha Again I am not doing it to get rich. I want to enjoy my hobby to its fullest and posting ride reports, videos and writing magazine articles adds to this great hobby for me.

In conclusion – Haters goin to Hate!

So I will not apologize for promoting the happiness and joy of being a motorcycle enthusiast. I will continue to write Ride reports, Post Videos, Writing articles for great magazines like StarReview and Kawasaki ROK and promoting motorcycling ever chance I get.

I do have some advice for the 1% who do not like it or feel I am promoting myself or my sites. This cool invention called the internet uses browsers to view content and believe it or not you can use your mouse and scroll right past any content you feel like not viewing! Its easy and simple.

Sorry for the Rant everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather and that you have gotten a chance to ride before it gets too cold! Ride safe my friends!