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Spring Fling Day #1

The day had finally come. We all had been pretty excited about this upcoming trip. The first Arkansas trip of the year is always a highlight. We had a good sized group for this ride. the particapants are listed below;

Jamie & Jerry James – Triumph Trophy 900 Herman Van Beek – BMW 1200 RT Jackie Gunn – BMW 1200RT Rob Spruell – BMW 1200 GT Jim Schumacher – BMW 1300 GT Stephen Slisz – BMW 1150 RT Vern & Shelly James – Honda ST 1300 Richard Kirby – Suzuki SV 1000 Mark Jensen – BMW 1200 GSA

We stopped for a quick lunch in Broken Bow OK. I stopped at the Sonic thinking that they would have a place to sit down and eat, well they did not. So the gang decided it was funny that I took them a Sonic so that they could eat lunch sitting on a curb. Jamie was not playing along and walked over to Arby’s haha! I guess I will not live the lunch thing down for a while.

We had the best weather. It was a little windy, but not to bad. We arrived at Ozark by 4PM. Everyone cleaned up and put the bikes away for the day. We went over to El Puerto next door to the hotel and had a great meal. Then we kicked tires and just enjoyed the evening. Richard and I played some hoops and we both beat up on the 13 year old kid from the hotel. haha! Oh yeah ask Richard what fat, slow guy beat him in a little game of one on one! Whoo Hoo great times. We all hit the sack pretty early. We wanted to hit the road early, those twisty roads were waiting for us.

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