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Spring Fling Day #1

The day had finally come. We all had been pretty excited about this upcoming trip. The first Arkansas trip of the year is always a highlight. We had a good sized group for this ride. the particapants are listed below;

Jamie & Jerry James – Triumph Trophy 900 Herman Van Beek – BMW 1200 RT Jackie Gunn – BMW 1200RT Rob Spruell – BMW 1200 GT Jim Schumacher – BMW 1300 GT Stephen Slisz – BMW 1150 RT Vern & Shelly James – Honda ST 1300 Richard Kirby – Suzuki SV 1000 Mark Jensen – BMW 1200 GSA

We stopped for a quick lunch in Broken Bow OK. I stopped at the Sonic thinking that they would have a place to sit down and eat, well they did not. So the gang decided it was funny that I took them a Sonic so that they could eat lunch sitting on a curb. Jamie was not playing along and walked over to Arby’s haha! I guess I will not live the lunch thing down for a while.