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Spring Fling – Day #2

We had decided to get breakfast around 7:30AM and then take off from the hotel around 8:30AM. The hotel offered free breakfast so we all decided to do that. free is always good. We broke up into a couple of groups as we had the fast guys, Richard, mark and Stephen and then the rest of us. hehehe

Today we would hit some great roads including Push Mountain. We took off and headed over to AR 123. This is a great road to start the day. Nice sweepers and some pretty good twisties. A nice warm up for the rest of the day.

We stopped at Sands Gap before heading up 16, then 27 then into Push mountain. the weather looked very ominous, but we stayed dry and it cleared up later in the day. On a sad note, the forest was trashed as the ice storm this past winter really tore up the trees. it will be years before the forest returns to normal. It is a shame as the trees are a big part of the beauty in that part of the country.

Here are some pictures of the Ice damage.

After a very spirited ride up thru push mountain we decided to stop and have some lunch in Mountain Home. We ate at Nima’s Pizza and subs. the food was pretty good. Jamie and I had to wait for 20 minutes or so for our calzones, but they were huge! The fast guys did push mountian 3 times before we got there. Everyone had a huge smile on their face. This is the reason Arkansas is a motorcycle haven. The roads are top notch! Great surface, great design, it is a wonderful place to test your riding skills. We love it up there.

There were some locals in town mowing the lawn in some very strange pajamas. How embarassing would that be? After we ate we headed up into some more good roads. We rode up into MO and enjoyed the great afternoon weather. It was a fantastic day of riding. As most of you know 300 miles on these roads is a full day.

We got into Eureka Springs around 5PM. We cleaned up and walked across the parking lot to have some italian food. We had a nice dinner and then headed across the street for some cobbler. It was a great day. We finished up by hanging out and just enjoying everyone’s company. We all had over 320 miles so we were pretty tired. Tomorrow would be another day of great roads and good friends.