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Spring Fling – Day #2

We had decided to get breakfast around 7:30AM and then take off from the hotel around 8:30AM. The hotel offered free breakfast so we all decided to do that. free is always good. We broke up into a couple of groups as we had the fast guys, Richard, mark and Stephen and then the rest of us. hehehe

Today we would hit some great roads including Push Mountain. We took off and headed over to AR 123. This is a great road to start the day. Nice sweepers and some pretty good twisties. A nice warm up for the rest of the day.

We stopped at Sands Gap before heading up 16, then 27 then into Push mountain. the weather looked very ominous, but we stayed dry and it cleared up later in the day. On a sad note, the forest was trashed as the ice storm this past winter really tore up the trees. it will be years before the forest returns to normal. It is a shame as the trees are a big part of the beauty in that part of the country.

Here are some pictures of the Ice damage.