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Spring Fling Day #3

Everyone seemed to get a good nights rest, as the group was up and going early. This morning our friend “old” Paul would be joining us from his home in Fayetteville. We had another visitor as Bo came over to join us for breakfast. Joy had decided to sleep in but Bo wanted to hang out with the gang before heading off to the Branson Blitz. Paul arrived around 7:30 and we all headed over to have a good breakfast. Today we would be putting on another 320 mile for the day in and around some of the best roads that Arkansas has to offer. The weather was awesome and the day looked like it was off to a great start. There were a couple of cool home made trikes in the parking lot at Pancakes. Check out the details. Pretty cool stuff.

We headed out after breakfast. We hit Rockhouse road on the way out of town. i have never been on this road, as Stephen had offered up this part of the route. The road was not in great shape, but the scenery was awesome. We got stuck behind a milk truck so the pace was great for checking out the landscape. Herman liked the milk truck so much he followed it on the wrong path and took a group of 3-4 bikes on some off road adventure. To bad their was only Mark on a GS, The rest of the boys on their GT 1200 / 1300s did not like the choice of road at all. They made it but lets just say that they would have preferred to miss this part of the journey. no one dropped a bike so it was all good. The rest of us hung out and waited for the to get back to the group from their adventure.

We rode around the little hills and valleys just enjoying the Arkansas experience. We had decided to stop at the Cliff House Inn for some coffee and Pie. Some of the guys had not been there in the past. Not the best food or service but the location is prime time. We ate some pie, kicked some tires and decided to ride on. It was looking dark and we really thought that our luck had ran out in the rain department.

We spent the rest of the day riding the twisty road of Arkansas. We never got more than a few sprinkles of rain. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Vern and Shelly dropped off to visit Dover AR and the grave site for Shelly’s dad. They cleaned up the site and just took a nice comfortable ride back into Ozark. The rest of the group finished the day by blasting along 16 before hitting 23 and riding back into Ozark. The gang had a very good day of riding. Good friends, great roads, it does not get much better than that!

We got back into Ozark around 4PM. This left Jamie and I some time to test ride some bikes. we are looking to buy a new sport touring bike in the future, so we decided to ride the ST and the K bikes to get a feel of modern motorcycles. We were really surprised at the difference in bikes. The ST was nice, very roomy, comfy and had plenty of power and torque. The only bad thing is the sound. It just does not inspire me. We then jumped on Rob’s GT 1200.. WOW! is all I have to say. That bike is amazing. Very nice two up and it is a missile. We really enjoyed our time in the saddle. If we had the coin, this would be the next bike in the James family garage. Great stuff. Jim then let me ride his new 1300 GT. I went alone this time and all I have to say is double WOW!! That bike is awesome. I took it for 30 miles or so on 23 and it rode like a dream. Plenty fast, maybe too fast as I was taking corners much faster than I should have been. When I returned to Ozark, his rear tire was heated up plenty. It is a great machine. I want one so damn bad!! We did not ride the Rt as it is ultimately the bike I see us on. Jamie would never want to get off if she climbed aboard one. That would have to wait for another day. I want to thank everyone for letting me demo their machines. On my little run on Jim’s bike, I passed Bo and his wife. I thought to myself, that they were in Branson. I came to find out that they decided to come back and join our crew for dinner and the return trip to DFW the following day. It was nice having Bo and his wife joy along. They are great people. Now if we can only find out what is wrong with Joy, she must have been drugged as Bo really did hit the jack pot in the wife depart. We really enjoyed their company. We had steaks that night at the restaurant next to the hotel and I have to say that it was some of the best steak I have had in months. Great stuff.

What a great day! We all made it safe and sound and we finished the night with a great steak. Life is good! The bad news is the trip ends tomorrow as we all head back to the metroplex.. uggh!