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Spring Fling – Mena Arkansas Trip April 6-8th

We have decided to kick off the spring with a little trip to Mena Arkansas. We should be able to enjoy some color and as always the roads are fantastic.

We will depart on Friday April 6th from the Race Trac off 75 and 380 up in McKinney. The time will be announced at a later date. Returning on Sunday April 8. I have 5 Rooms booked at the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge. They only had rooms with double beds as all of the Kings were booked. We will have two rides on Saturday, a shorter one and then a longer one like the one we took to Russelville last year. The weather should be better for that ride as it will not be as warm as last summer. I have the following as people who are a go for the ride.

Jamie & Jerry – 445783 Rob S – 445786 Jackie & Alta – 445787 Vern & Shelly – 445790 Dave & Traci – 445791 Pete & Tracy – 448410

Please contact the lodge and get the rooms in your names. The number to the lodge is 800-264-2477, The confirmation numbers to the rooms are listed next to your name. That way you all can call and give them your information, so I am not on the hook for the room. hehehe

You can see the pictures from last years trip here & here


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