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Spring Fling – The Last Day.

Jamie and I had a very eventful evening. We got to sleep around 10:30 only to be awoken by the people next door around 12:45AM. They started playing loud music and talking rather loudly. We let this go one for 15 minutes before I got up and said something. They apoligized and moved inside. Then at 1:14AM the damn hotel fire alarm starting beeping. it was the low battery warning. Since we did not have a 9 volt, the alarm spent the evening in the Trophy’s top case.

We finally got some great and got up around 6AM. We had decided to get going early so we could get back at a decent time. When we walked outside we were greeted with a very dark sky and cloud cover galore. We turned on the weather channel and it did not look good. We were going to get wet and big time. We chatted with everyone at breakfast and decided to slab home. This is not our style but it was the best choice at this time. We ate breakfast and loaded up.

We headed down I-40 and to be honest it was not that bad. We cranked it up to 80 and moved right along. We got to take some pictures of the group while riding. We made some quick stops and tried to stay ahead of the rain. We got sprinkled on some but nothing major. We made a great choice about slabbing and getting home. We were just ahead of the front. Jamie had wanted catfish all weekend so Bo knew of this place between Sherman and Dennison that serves good fish. We went by and got caught by the church crowd but decided to wait anyhow. That was a good call as well. the food was good and we got to end the trip with a nice casual lunch.

We rolled into the garage around 3PM. We had 1200+ Miles and the Trophy rolled over to exactly 38,500. The weekend was awesome. We had a great time, enjoyed some wonderful roads and just enjoyed each others company. We never really got rained on and everyone made it back safe and sound it was a very nice trip. I can’t wait to do it again. Make sure to check out the videos below. Turn down the volume as there is a bunch of wind noise. Hey what can I say it is a hand held camera. I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did.


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