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Sunday Ride

Devils Den State Park – Boston Mountains

Jamie & I got up and headed out on a little Sunday adventure. It was just the two of us and we had no time line or place to be. The weather was looking great and we were very excited to see what the day had in store for us.

We had a fantastic day exploring a part of NW Arkansas that we had not ridden in before. The Boston mountain scenic loop is a beautiful ride, with plenty of places to explore. We thought we had a place picked out to eat breakfast but they were closed, so we ventured on. We found dirt roads, beautiful places to pull over and enjoy the rivers, with roads that never disappoint. It was just another fantastic day of riding in NW Arkansas.

We found a cool little place to eat lunch called Grandma’s House cafe. The food was ok, but the place was packed. I am sure that if we had gotten to order off the menu, we would have enjoyed it a little more. Buffet food always seems rushed. There was a wait, but it was such a nice day no one really cared.

After eating we made our way over to Devils Den State Park. The ride was so beautiful. The road is tight with plenty of traffic so its not a fast road, but well worth the ride. It was awesome! Great weather and the views were breath taking. We took our time and stopped to enjoy the sights. It was a perfect Sunday ride.

We finished the day with just over 200 miles on the Versys. The Big V now has over 1800 miles on the clock and we are loving it more and more every ride.

We found a dirt road and got to put on 8-10 miles of off roading… haha it was pretty and no one was around. I could see the off road appeal.

Until next time everyone! Ride safe.

We do have a trip announcement to make here in the next couple of weeks. 9 days of true EPICNESS. Stay tuned. Click here to see all of the pictures from the day.

#BostonMountainScenicloop #Kawasakiversys1000

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