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Susan’s Cafe – Cartwright OK

I had a day off and I knew I wanted to go ride.. some where. any where… but where would I go? I was browsing the LSBMW site and came across a ride that Ben was putting together for the 18th of the month. I had never done most of the roads, so I decided I would give it a try.

The route was filled with County Roads. I am usually not a big fan of them as most are small, have a crappy surface and lots of things coming out of houses and farms. This would be ring true today. It was fine as I was in no hurry and had decided that I would take it easy and just enjoy the view. The morning was beautiful and the temperature was just right for my riding gear.  It was a nice day indeed. I did run across some very rough spots on the trip including asphalt falling off the road, large potholes and wash-boarded roads. I also found great views of farms, horses and other live stock. You have to take the good with the bad. I think I will stick to the FM roads from now on for any extended riding. I hit 3 spots of construction. The only bad one was a stretch of almost 1 miles where they had just watered the dirt, so riding in mud was called for. Great if you are on a GS or V-Strom, not so good on a 650lb sport touring machine. I almost dropped my connie not once but twice! I did hold on so no damage….. Well only to my ego that is. It was a nice jaunt after that. I arrived at Susan’s right around 10.

Breakfast was very good. Both of the owners were excited that the club was going to pay them a visit on the 18th. I liked the place a lot. It even had free wi-fi. The place was all country and the people were as well. A very friendly place and one I will visit again soon.