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TBIT #1 – 12 years ago and people still talk!

Good friends, lots of rain and too many memories to count. 

Just a little bit of rain but a lot of smiles.

You may be asking yourself, what does TBIT stand for? On this blog it will be Travel Back In Time. I get lots of comments asking about our trips from the past. This could be about a certain destination, group of riders or pretty much anything else concerning our two wheeled adventures. So I decided that each week,  I would link to a ride from the past and post a few pictures as a reminder to myself on why we love this hobby and for you all to see some of the great times we have had over the past 13 years as documented on our blog. I hope you like this idea. Shoot me a note either way.

The gang is all here ready to head out

I get asked all of the time, what trip sticks in your mind as your favorite and most memorable? Hands down it was this trip. It had everything. Great friends, nice roads, lots of rain with some sunshine mixed in to keep us smiling. This is the one – Mena Arkansas – Cook out & Ride

RIP my friend. You are missed Paul

What a great group of friends to ride with. 

Until next time – Ride safe!

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