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Tennessee here we come!

The day started off early as we had almost 650 miles to cover to get to our home for the week. It was a beautiful morning when we left Little Rock. We stopped at Starbucks to get us started. We had a long day ahead of us, we were both very excited. 

We had a good drive, just doing the highway and seeing different parts of this great country. We saw some cool images. I think all motorcycles need a custom trailer. Check out some of the pictures from our drive. 

We had a fantastic meal at the Rail Yard in in Decatur AL. The food was really good and the restaurant was attractive.A nice little surprise from the long drive.

We arrived at our camp site around 6:30PM. The place was packed, but we found a great little spot. It was under a couple of trees. We set up camp and got to enjoy the cool evening. We sat at the fire with some of the couples that were there camping. It was a gathering of riders from motorcycle camping group of facebook. It was a great evening. Its always fun talking motorcycles with new friends.