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Texas State BMW Rally – Llano Texas

I got the bike loaded up on Thursday. I took out the cold weather gear as the weather forecast looked to be a tad warm. I was sure glad I did this. We had no need for anything that even came close to cold weather gear.

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We got to the rally site around 3PM. We knew that Jackie and Stephan had come up on Thursday, and they were saving us a sight. The bad news is we did not know where. So after a few minutes we decided on a nice place with a water front view for our campsite. We had two beautiful trees as cover and the lake was beautiful. We pitched our tent and unpacked. We went up and signed in and chilled out while waiting for Stephen and Jackie to get back from a day on the bikes. Jamie and I do not usually travel just as a couple. I like having two bikes just in case something happens, but I have to say that this was kinda cool and I think we will do a few more weekend overnight trips on our own. I love the fact that she loves to ride. I am a lucky man.