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Thanksgiving in the Ozarks

Jamie and I decided to spend this Thanksgiving exploring some of the back roads here in the Natural State. We spent the day enjoying each others company and just taking in the day. It was a laid back day with no schedule attached.

We stopped by War Eagle Mill as we wanted to try out the new drone. We got some footage and really enjoyed the morning learning more about our new DJI Mavic Mini. We are still learning, but I do think we are going to enjoy creating with our new drone.

We found great spot by a creek, to pull over and enjoy our turkey wraps. It was so cool just relaxing by the creek, not a soul in sight, enjoying our time together. We were very Thankful for what the day had to offer.

We finished up day, just exploring the back country. It was a great way to spend the day. We also made a video of the day. Go check out the drone footage. You can also see the pictures from the day here.

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