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The End is Here! What a Journey!

Colorado Dreamin – Red River and then back to Raton to load up and hit the road home.

I think it hit us while we were loading up the bike this morning to head back to Raton. the trip was ending and we were not ready to give it up. We decided to head over to red river for Breakfast, to get our last minute mountain fix. It was the right choice. As we made our way up the hill, we could not help but talk about the trip. It had been awesome, one that we will remember for years to come.

Jamie and I joke that in the last days of our lives, when we are sitting on the porch, reminiscing about our younger days, no one will be able to say that we did not have fun, did not have great adventures and did not have amazing friends! I truly love my life!

We got into Raton around 11am so we had plenty of time to load up and then get some miles in so that Sunday would not be a long day. Jamie and I loaded up the Versys and then went over to get Bill & Linda’s bike loaded in the back of the truck. This was easier than anticipated as bill found an abandon loading dock and we were able to back the truck in and just ride onto the truck – easy as pie.

People always give me a hard time about loading and using the trailer to certain destinations. I used to be of the mind set that you ride all of the time. This sounds great and if I were retired and time was not a limiting factor I might not trailer… Who am I kidding, I will never ride across the boring, HOT plains again on a motorcycle if I can avoid it. I have rode many many times across the great state of Texas. I never have to do it again. This trip was across Oklahoma and I have to say I did not miss anything by taking the jeep and the trailer. Here is my advice for those that will jump on the trailer trashing bandwagon..

Just do you! whatever works best for you, may not work for all of us! lets just enjoy this great hobby and do it the way we want to!

The entire loading process for all of the group was less than 3 hours. Not bad at all.

We all did the caravan thing until we got to Claytin NM. We had lunch at the Eklund Hotel. Kris & Linda had eaten here in the past and it was a great find. The bar was amazing and the history emanated from the hallways. It was a very cool place.

It was hard saying goodbye to Kris, Linda and Lisa but we will ride again soon. It was amazing having them on the trip. The rest of us made it to Enid Oklahoma for the evening.

We woke up to a driving rain storm (another great thing about utilizing our trailer) and drove for 3 hours in sub par weather. We broke free of the rain just outside of Tulsa. Jamie and I made it home and unloaded the bike without issue by 3pm. We got to enjoy some down time before heading back to our regular lives. It was a fantastic trip.

Until next time everyone! Ride safe!

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