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The gangs all here in Raton NM

Jamie and I got up and loaded up for Raton around 8am. It was a short drive so we were not in a big hurry. We had a good breakfast at IHOP and was headed to NM at 9am. I did not sleep well. I always get so excited the day of a big ride. We were both ready to start our vacation. 

The route took us up into Dalhart TX. The road construction was pretty bad, but it was the only place where we were delayed. We got into Raton without incident,  and after missing the turn off for the Summerlin RV Park we finally got to the right place and was able to unload the bike. The RV park was only charging us $1 a day to keep the truck and trailer. Not a bad deal at all. Jamie and I have camped there before on a road trip to Colorado with our friends Pete and Kim. It is a great little place and we highly recommend staying there. 

The gang started to show up at the Raton Pass Inn a couple of hours after we got there. Jamie and I headed down to the El Matador to get some red chili. We had a good red chili cheeseburger and fries smothered in Red, it was awesome.

Everyone started to show up in the later afternoon. It was great seeing all of the guys riding up on their bikes. The trip was starting to feel real. Tomorrow we would be on the road, heading to parts unknown. 

I had scheduled dinner at Casa Lemus for 7pm. This would be our first get together as a group. It was really cool seeing all of the gang, smiling and ready to ride. We would have a total of 22 riders and bikes. Dinner was very good and it was a nice way to start the trip. The LoneStar Riders are a great group and I am proud to be a part of the gang. 

On a side note, the Versys rolled over 17,000 miles. It has been a great bike and this trip only confirmed this. It is such a good sport touring machine. Jamie loves the bike and we enjoy making memories together on the Versys. 

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