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The Perfect Marriage

As many of you know, I love the hobby of motorcycling. I have been doing it since I turned 15 years old so it has been a few years. (35+ Years) This hobby is not for everyone. It can be risky, if done correctly. It will dig into your pocket book and you have to be able to deal with the elements from time to time. So looking at it like this, it is no wonder that I also love doing the “Jeep Thing” as well. All three of the prior bullet points apply to the Jeep hobby as well. I think that both of these great hobbies creates the perfect marriage. Jamie and I have done a couple of trips utilizing both forms of travel and we enjoy the flexibility of having the bike and the jeep at our disposal. When we were in Tellico Plains doing our Deals Gap trip this past summer it was awesome, being able to ride in the mornings and when the afternoon showers started to form we would jump in the jeep and go exploring. Plus we love to camp, and having the Jeep allows us to carry more camping gear. 

I still love camping on the bike, but going forward with any trips scheduled longer than just a couple of days, we will be utilizing both the jeep and the bike.

I will do some solo trips on the bike and will take camping gear as it is a little easier to do when I am solo.We are trying to schedule our summer trip and we are looking at going somewhere new, so stay tuned. I just know that we have found the greatest combination to enjoying our trips together.