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The Skyway calls..

After all of the excitement of the dragon earlier in the day, we were looking forwrad to a little more relaxed pace in the afternoon. We left Maryville and headed for the Cherohala Skyway everyone we spoke to said this would be one of the highlights of our trip. We had also heard that no one really really knows what the speed limit is on that stretch. We saw 30 posted but NO ONE was going that slow. We did have a close encounter with a locol LEO, he was off the side of the road and I passed him going 60 in a 30..YIKES.. he just turned his lights on and stuck his hand out his window and told me to slow down, no harm no foul. I was told later that they would not worry about someone only going 30 over.. they had bigger squids to fry hehehe.

I do have to say that is was a very beautiful road and the views were breath taking. You can go fast as the road is wonderful and the curves are like someone placed them there just for the motorcyclist to enjoy. It was amazing. We spoke to a couple at the top, they live in the area and visit all of the time. They were on matching Harleys.

On the way to the Skyway we stopped at this small town. (forgot the name) it had a beautiful river flowing thru town. We stopped and grabbed a drink and cooled off some.