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The trip has finally started

My trip has finally started. I left work early and was on the road around 11:30. It was only 85 degrees when I left so not too bad. It did climb later in the day as I saw the temp gauge record a 99. It was hot but not horrible. I am also getting some good gas mileage, almost 44 mpg. All at speeds of 70-80mph I rode for an hour or so and took a break so I never really got very tired. I logged 430 miles today. The Versys was strong and seems to be getting better with every mile. She rolled over 7100 today. 

I finished the day in Tucumcari New Mexico. Only the best for me as I spent a whooping $39 for my room. I’m all about fancy things lol… I will say the last hour of the day was WINDY! Tomorrow I will be up early and hit the road. I miss New Mexico, it will always be home.