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To Gateway and beyond with just a touch of rain.

Jamie and I got up around 6am so that we could get the bike loaded up and ready to roll with the group at 8am. This also allowed Jamie and I to get motivated so that we could head down to main street and have a tasty breakfast at the Bean. We love this place and it did not disappoint us. We had some tasty yogurt with fruit while enjoying our morning coffee. It was a fantastic way to start this Monday morning. 

We arrived back at the hotel around 7:45. The gang was already suited up and we were able to take off right at time. It was a very overcast morning and rain threatened the beautiful Colorado morning. We headed out of Gunnison on our way for a spirited ride through the Black Canyon. It is a beautiful area. The roads are twisty and it is a nice way to start the days riding. We did have a little delay due to some construction over the Blue Mesa.  

The rain held off and we had a good ride. The Black Canyon is a very cool place and the scenery is a good way to start today’s journey. Jamie and I love the twisty roads, with the views changing after every curve. The road can be technical, so it demands your attention. As we climbed back out of the canyon we headed over to the Grand Junction area. We were headed to one of my favorite roads in Colorado. CO 141 is a MUST for any motorcycle enthusiast.