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TWO Camp – Deals Gap Resort & the Dragon.

The next day we woke up to thick humid air. You could almost cut it with a knife. Jamie had a great idea, so we decided to break camp and spend a couple of days at the Deals Gap resort. That way we were closer to the roads that we wanted to ride. We broke camp and were thinking about where we were going to eat. Jackie and Rob walked over to the little store to grab some coffee. They came back with the news that the store was out of GAS. I thought they were joking. The problem was they were telling the truth. We would have to go 28 miles to get some fuel. I knew I was close to being out. The good news was TWO opened for breakfast so we did not have to go anywhere to get some grub. We were all pretty hungry since there was not a dinner the evening before. Jackie made me laugh out loud when I asked him if he was hungry. His reply was something like “I could eat the Ass out of a rat or something like that” It was funny, guess you had to be there. We ate breakfast and met some very nice people from Florida. We talked bikes and cities and then parted ways.

It came out of the fog. A large figure..sporting riding boots

We headed down the rode and we made it the 28 miles for gas. I put 6.2 gallons into the Trophy it holds 6.5 gallons. The roads were great and the excitement was building as we approached the GAP. The scenery in that part of the country is awesome!