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TWO the Gap ! We slayed the Dragon !

Day 4 – Riding the Gap! We got up early on Friday morning ready to hit the road. We decided we would stick around the Two Wheels Only Campground and have breakfast there. This was our first time staying at the camp and it will not be our last. The owners are hands on, as they take care of the cooking and the up keep of the place. Everything is on the tab system. You set up camp, fill out a piece of paper and leave it in the box. When you eat breakfast or dinner you tell them your name and they just add it to your tab. This was awesome. The camping was cheap and the food was great! Jamie and I had breakfast two mornings and had a huge dinner one evening, add that to the 2 nights of camping and the bill was just over $100. It was wonderful. We will stay there again. The showers and the restrooms were clean which is a big plus. The best thing about the place is the people you get to chat with while there. We spoke with locals, and people up from Florida and even spoke with a couple on a BMW RT from Nova Scotia. The night we at dinner (friday I think) there must have been 15 locals in there eating the food and enjoying the company. It was a great time. Nothing like hanging out with motorcycle people 24/7. It was a great time. Here are some pictures of the camp. They have a huge porch with plenty of seating so everyone can sit around and spin tales of riding great roads and living to talk about it.