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Vacation Day Has arrived.

We have been awaiting this day for a couple of months. Jamie and I always do a summer motorcycle vacation as soon as school lets out. This year was no different. We usually do these trips with a group or a couple of other riders. However this year, that did not work out so it was only the two of us. After some discussion, we decided to do a Jeep, motorcycle and camping trip. We got the Jeep a few weeks ago so this would be a great opportunity to do some forest roads in a part of the country that we do not visit very often.  We decided that we would do a Deals Gap / Blue Ridge Parkway journey. Jamie and I had done this with a few friends back in May of 2008. It rained a lot. I need to say it again… it rained a lot. You can read about it here. This time we hoped to miss the rain and get to enjoy the area a little more.  We loaded up the Jeep and the trailer. It was really nice having plenty of room to pack our camping gear and all of the riding gear that is needed. Here is a a couple of pics for comparison.

Jamie and I were ready to hit the road. I had to work for a few hours. I went in at 5am and had to struggle to make it the 7 hours until I could leave. Jamie was dropped off by Jacob and the trip had finally started. We had to do the metro mess shuffle and it took us a hour or so to get onto the real road. We had to detour around a couple of accidents. Finally we were headed to Little Rock, to visit with our friends Richard and Jennifer. It had been a while since we got to visit with them and see their adorable son Reese. We were looking forward to seeing them and their new place.  We rolled in about 6pm after a very uneventful drive. The Kirby’s have a beautiful home. We had a wonderful visit. We ate some great food, got to visit with them and the highlight of the trip was getting to see Reese ride his little electric motorcycle. It was a fantastic way to kick off our trip. We are so proud of the Kirby’s. The future is bright for this young family and we only wish them the best of luck in the future. Thanks for allowing us in your home and feeding us. It was a great start to our journey. Thank you!

See all of the pictures here.