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What a BEAUTIFUL day of riding!

We all woke up this Sunday morning wanting a better day of riding. The morning was not as cool as the previous two days. It was still cool, but it looked to be a wonderful day. Today’s group will not be a group as many of the gang have other plans for the day. Larry & Lynda will sleep in and head back to Dallas, with Lynda in her boot. Richard & Jennifer have to head back to Dallas as Jennifer had plans for the evening. Richard Swim and David were headed back to Dallas the long way as they needed to be back on Monday morning. That left Jamie & I and Jackie & Alta. We would be heading up into MI, dropping down into Mountain Home and then doing Push Mountain, AR16 and 123. We would be spending the night in Ozark. We thought this was funny, check out Richards little video.

Check out all of Richards pictures here.

This was a great day of riding. We did a nice little loop in MO, the colors were nice. I think we were a week too early or late, but it was still nice to see some of the colors. We enjoyed the morning. It was a wonderful ride. We stopped in Lead Hill for a cup of coffee. We then headed down to one of our favorite places.. Push Mountain.