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Why I love motorcycling

Things in my life had to take priority over this ride. I will be staying home. I started to think about the ride this morning and realized that “the ride” was only a small part of why I love motorcycling.

Now don’t get me wrong… nothing beats carving your way down a smooth, twisty mountain road without a care in the world.

No! Nothing beats that feeling of loading up the bike for that first long adventure of the year. However, this hobby that we love, would not be the same without the friendships that we make while enjoying our favorite hobby. I don’t want to sound to sappy here, but our motorcycle friends are my BEST friends. I know that whatever is going on in my life they care about me and my family. If I need anything, or any help they are the first ones there. (I do have to say that my lifelong friend Pete does not ride, but I know he would do anything for me and my family as I would do the same for his)

Sure, I will miss the Arkansas roads and the feeling of the open road on two wheels, but what I will miss the most, is the comradirie that takes place among all involved in the ride.

On my way home from the coffee shop, after they loaded up and headed off, I thought to myself about how much fun they were heading off for and that I hope deep down in my heart that I am as good a friend to all of my motorcycle friends as they are to me. Ride safe everyone!