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Windy day to Alpine

We got up around 7AM and headed over to the cracker barrel for breakfast before heading out. Jackie, Rob and Bob met us and we had a very nice breakfast. We headed out around 9AM. We jumped into the truck as the guys riding took off for 67 and a nice day ride.

I called my wife and found out that the tree in front of our house was destroyed in the storms the night before. The winds during the evening took out our tree and a bunch in the area. I guess Plano got hit pretty hard. We lost a beautiful tree. My wife was a trooper, she handled everything and told me that coming home was not needed.

There is absolutely NOTHING from Abilene to Alpine. Miles and miles of nothing. The wind started to blow on our journey. When I say blow I mean it. The news said 50MPH wind gusts. A couple of times the bikes looked like they would come off the trailer. I felt bad for the guys that were riding. The winds were brutal. We arrived at the camp site at 3PM. The winds were still really bad. After two hours of wrestling with the tents we gave up.

We headed into town and decided to stay at the Highland inn. it was a clean place, pretty bare bones, but nice. After hearing the stories of the Alpine Inn, where the STN group was staying, I was glad we were at the Highland. The train ran right behind the hotel, so we got to hear it every once in awhile. The guys road in and were beat from all of the wind. I love riding, but I was glad to have trailered to the event. Riding in the wind is no fun!

We ate dinner at a little Mexican place in Alpine. The food was decent and the waitress was very nice. We asked her how she got to Alpine and she said that she was playing basketball at Sul Ross University I am sure that it is a nice school, but it sure is in the middle of no where. Rob broke out his road trip hat for the event.

We headed back to the hotel to have a beer and hang out some. Jackie and I rode over to the Alpine to see if the STN group had gotten there yet. A few were there already including rocket bunny. We hung out for awhile and then headed back to the room. We were getting up at 7 and having breakfast and then hitting the road to the park the next day so we wanted to be rested.


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