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Zion, Open road and Mexican Hat

We had a wonderful stay in Torrey. The group was going in separate directions again today as many of the folks had their own agenda. Jamie and I wanted to go checkout Zion and spend some time in the park. We took off at 8AM and did the I-15 shuffle down to Toquerville, then headed over to the park. Zion National Park was BUSY, in fact CRAZY BUSY! I did not know that I-15 had a posted 80MPH. It made for us making some good time getting to the park. That was the last thing fast for the rest of the morning. It took us a good 30-45 min to get inside the park. It was a little warm sitting in line waiting to pay our $25 for admittance. We headed into the visitors center to find out that we had to get in a line and wait a minimum of 3 hours to get on the shuttle to visit the park attractions and scenic views. 

We made the decision to not wait the 3 hours on the shuttle. We thought we would just drive through the park and then head out to Mexican Hat. The drive into the park is a good one, but the traffic was awful. We were dissapointed in Zion and with ourselves as we did not plan this day out the way we should have. We really needed to plan on spoending the day in the park. Next time I think we would make the choice of staying closer to Zion and spend the day exploring. It gives us another reason to ride back there again real soon. It was still a good day of riding.