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4 Guys, 4000 Miles, 4 KTM's: A Trip to the Mid-Atlantic BDR.

We had an amazing time in September as we rode our trusty little KTM's 4000 round trip to take in the Mid-Atlantic BDR and more. The group included Mark, Matt, and myself riding the KTM 390 Adventure, and then Chuck joined in riding his 890 KTM. This was an all-orange affair.

We Made it!

If you like great scenery, historical locations, and rolling hills, then the MABDR is for you. We encountered so many nice folks while out in the backcountry. Everyone was so welcoming and they loved the fact that we rode from so far away to take in their little part of America. **Disclaimer: I lost a lot of footage due to the rain we received the first few days on the BDR. I have since updated my gear, so hopefully I can avoid this. If you want to see all of the pictures (Over 150) then click on the MABDR Gallery. Go check out the video and let me know your thoughts. If you have not subscribed to the channel, please take a moment to do so. It is FREE and it helps us out.

Also, we have been asked about how you all can help us grow, so we have started a Patreon page. For as little as $5 a month, you can support us and help us create more content. Support us today. Thank you.


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