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Are you ready for an Adventure of a Lifetime? 

Prepare to unleash your adventurous spirit and conquer the wild terrain of Idaho with Moto Adrenaline Tours' exhilarating expedition, "Riding The Idaho Wild."


Departing from Twin Falls, Idaho, this adrenaline-pumping motorcycle journey will lead you deep into the heart of Idaho's untamed wilderness along the renowned Idaho Back Country Discovery Route.


From July 22 to August 3rd, riders will navigate through rugged landscapes, traverse dense forests, ford rushing rivers, and conquer challenging mountain passes.


Whether you're a seasoned rider or a newcomer to off-road adventures, this epic trip promises unforgettable experiences, jaw-dropping scenery, and the camaraderie of fellow adventurers.


Join us as we ride through the Idaho wild, chasing adrenaline and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Image by Porter Raab

Get ready to embark on the ultimate off-road adventure with Moto Adrenaline Tours!


Picture endless twists and turns along rugged mountain roads as you dive headfirst into the exhilarating Idaho Back Country Discovery Route. Prepare to disconnect from the digital world as you immerse yourself in the breathtaking wilderness. 

Prepare to be awe-struck by the panoramic views of Andersen Reservoir and indulge in epic alpine camping at Trinity Lakes.

Along the way, discover hidden gems like the rejuvenating Burgdorf Hot Springs, adding an extra layer of excitement to this bucket list-worthy ride. Trace the footsteps of pioneers as you journey through historic landmarks, including the legendary Magruder Corridor and the iconic Lolo Motorway, skirting the roadless Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. As you venture onward, you'll encounter charming towns like Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry before reaching the thrilling climax: the Canadian border.


Join us on this unforgettable expedition and experience the raw beauty and adrenaline-pumping thrills of Riding The Idaho Wild!

One Click Adventure

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As you embark on our exhilarating adventure along the Idaho Back Country Discovery Route, rest assured that accommodations will cater to every preference and provide a comfortable retreat after a day of thrilling exploration.

From cozy motels offering modern amenities to charming family-owned cabins and inns exuding rustic charm, there's something to suit every taste along the journey. Immerse yourself in the warmth and hospitality of local hosts as you unwind in the cozy ambiance of our handpicked accommodations, 


Creating Memories

As riders navigate through rugged terrain and breathtaking landscapes, they'll share in the challenges and triumphs of the journey, creating a unique camaraderie that can only be experienced on adventure trips.

Whether swapping stories around the campfire, lending a helping hand on the trail, or simply sharing the exhilaration of conquering each twist and turn, participants will form a special bond that transcends mere acquaintanceship.


Experience Idaho

Embark on a 12-day odyssey through the untamed beauty of Idaho's backcountry,

From rugged mountain peaks to lush forests, and winding rivers to expansive valleys, Idaho's diverse landscape offers an unparalleled playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of alpine lakes, where crystal-clear waters reflect the majestic grandeur of surrounding peaks. Traverse winding trails that lead to hidden waterfalls and secluded meadows, where wildlife roams freely and the air is filled with the scent of pine.

Image by NOAA

July 22, 2024: We will all meet in Twin Falls, ID, staying at a local Best Western. I have arranged for vehicles & Trailers to be stored at Magic Valley Storage in Twin Falls. We will have a meet & Greet at a local restaurant to kick off the event. - Get your rest as the adventure starts tomorrow. Lodging: Best Western Sure Stay Twin Falls

July 23, 2024: Section 1: Twin Falls to Pine – 175 Miles

You’ll have a good time at Snake River at Glenn's Ferry. More wide gravel roads take you through low alpine The ride around the lake is a great one. Pine is located just north of the lake and is the terrain before connecting to Highway 20 and eventually Anderson Ranch Reservoir. more of a gas and convenience store than a town but it is the only place to fill up until you get to Lowman. Do not pass Pine without fueling up. Lodging: Pine Resort

July 24, 2024: Section 2: Pine to Yellow Pine – 205 Miles

Just north of Pine, the route begins a dramatic climb into the Boise National Forest and a much different Idaho begins to take shape. The hot, dry landscapes you PINE to YELLOW PINE edge if you are ready to pitch a tent for the night. From here, the ride to Lowman and Yellow Pine is scenic but slightly grueling with relentlessly twisty gravel roads experienced in section one making way to jagged mountains and alpine lakes. Trinity Lake is a must-stop for a rest, grab one of the managed campsites along the water which require plenty of focus. Festival. Any other time of year you’ll be among a handful of friendly outdoorsmen who use Yellow Pine as the jumping-off point for exploring this remote area of Idaho. The small village of Yellow Pine is a true highlight of the trip. If you happen to be here the first week of August make a point to experience the Yellow Pine Harmonica. You’ll find just about everything you need to stock up on food and provisions at the small general store in the heart of town. Lodging: Yellow Pine General Store & Motel

July 25, 2024: Section 3: Yellow Pine to Elk City – 211 Miles
You are now in the heart of Idaho’s backcountry along the edge of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. The roads are much like what you experienced further south but there are a few incredibly interesting places that make this section of the BDR extremely unique. The small mining town of Warren has been around since the mid 1800’s and has plenty of historic relics to remind you of how life was over 150 years ago. Burgdorf Hot Springs is a short ride from Warren and is another must-stop on the IDBDR. The hot pools and cabins are open year-round and make for an incredibly relaxing stop after miles of backcountry riding. From Burgdorf keep an eye out for the old abandoned school bus before you wind down the switchbacks of French Creek Grade to the Salmon River. After crossing the historic Manning Bridge you’ll ride a mix of pavement and meandering dirt roads to the small town of Elk City, the western portal to the Magruder Corridor. Lodging: Southfork Junction


July 26. 2-24: Section 4: Elk City to Darby, MT – 127 Miles
This is the Idaho you’ve always dreamed about moose, wolves, elk, and dramatic vistas. The Magruder Corridor itself runs from the Red River Ranger Station east of Elk City to Darby, Montana, and splits the Selway-Bitterroot and Frank Church wilderness. Little has changed on the road since it was built in the 1930s. The road surface itself is not particularly challenging in dry conditions; however, there are no services for over 120 miles, and very few people around for help. Expect to take six to eight hours without stopping but we recommend taking your time to explore the historical spots along the way. The corridor is typically open from July through September. Lodging: Mountain Spirit Inn


July 27, 2024: Section 5: Darby, MT to Pierce – 190 Miles
There are roughly 50 miles of pavement between Darby and Lolo before you turn onto the famous Lolo Pass and head back into Idaho. The paved segment from Lolo to Lochsa Lodge is as good as you’ll find anywhere. Lochsa Lodge has a great restaurant and cabins for rent to regroup before tackling the infamous Lolo Motorway. The Lolo Motorway follows the path used by the Nez Perce Indians to reach buffalo hunting grounds on the Great Plains. It was also used by Lewis and Clark during their quest to find an inland waterway to the west in 1805. The forest road you’ll be riding is not particularly challenging but if you take your time it should take you all day to stop and explore the dozens of historically significant spots along the way. Lodging: The Outback

July 28, 2024: Section 6: Pierce to Wallace – 129 Miles

You’ve entered the Idaho panhandle and are in for a real treat. The towns in section 6 are some of the quaintest in the state, so take the time to wander around. A true highlight of the entire IDBDR route is the Blue Cabin between Pierce and Avery. This is a small cabin that is open to the public on a first come first serve basis – no reservations or key necessary. It sleeps 4-6 people on beds and has an antique stove and sink for preparing meals, plus a fire pit to sit around and watch the sun go down. It is VERY important to leave the cabin in better shape than you found it. Put a note in the guest book and check out the other adv riders who have had the pleasure of experiencing one of the unique treasures along the IDBDR.

Just north of Avery, there are two route options: one goes through the old railroad tunnels on a wide dirt road, and the other is an easy bike and ATV-only trail that parallels the tunnels on the other side of the creek. Both are worthy of your time and you can do both by looping back, it’s only a couple of miles. Lodging: Stardust Motel

July 29, 2024: Section 7: Wallace to Clark Fork – 106 Miles

Section 7 begins in the Silver Capital of the world: Wallace, Idaho. Every building in downtown Wallace is on the National Register of Historic Places which is why I-90 had to be built above the town instead of going through it. The ride north from here winds along mellow forest roads with no real surprises. HEADS UP! This is Grizzly Bear country so camp accordingly. Lodging: Clark Fork Lodge 

July 30, 2024: Section 8: Clark Fork to Canada – Bonners Ferry -  170 Miles
You’re almost to Canada. There are only a handful of dirt road options in this narrow strip of land between Washington and Idaho so expect a bit of pavement which may be welcome at this point in your journey. Just out of Clark Fork, you’ll head up Lightning Creek Road towards the Kaniksu National Forest. Stop at the Char Falls. It’s a short hike – just a few minutes and well worth the photo opportunity. Lunch Mountain Fire Lookout is also on the way. With a little foresight and digging around online, you can book out the bunk in the lookout itself. You’ll alternate between dirt and pavement on your north route past the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge. Lodging: Best Western Plus Kootenai River Inn Casino & Spa

July 31, 2024: Bonner Ferry - Shelby, MT Going to the sun road - 240 Miles
A trip across Going-to-the-Sun Road is a trip into the heart of Glacier. This “trans mountain highway” offers exceptional views at every turn. The road stretches about 50 miles between the West Entrance and St. Mary Entrance and climbs to 6,466 ft (2,025 m) at Logan Pass. There are numerous stopping points along the road. Highlights include Lake McDonald Lodge, short hikes like Trail of the Cedars or St. Mary Falls, Logan Pass Visitor Center, and the many informative wayside signs that explain features and track your journey. Lodging: Best Western Shelby Inn

August 1, 2024: Shelby, MT - Dillon 300 Miles 
Lodging: Best Western Dillon, MT

August 2, 2024 - Dillon - Twin Falls, ID 280 Miles
Lodging: Best Western Sure Stay Twin Falls


Unforgettable Experiences

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Idaho Wild Pay
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Gear up for the ride of a lifetime!

Reserve your spot now and join us in Riding The Idaho Wild - Adventure awaits

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