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Jerry James

Owner / Tourmeister

Jamie James

Owner / Expert Pillion

Dustin Coit

Dual-Sport Ride Leader

Kate Coit

Dual-Sport Ride Leader

Adventures are BETTER together. 

Our Story

Jamie and I have been a two-up team for over 15 years and together we have ridden many miles on both 2 and 4 wheels. Motorcycles and off-road camping have allowed us access to our passion of exploring new places and experiences together.

Jerry James - Owner / Tourmeister

2021 was a pivotal year for Jerry. In October, he took a leap of faith and left a long career in retail management in order to live out his dream of operating his own moto touring service. By combining his years of management skills and abilities with his 40+ years of motorcycle riding and touring, he is well suited for the job. Jerry’s goal for Moto Adrenaline Tours is to do all the planning and organizing so other enthusiasts (both 2-wheel and 4-wheel) will be able to enjoy the best experiences and best locations without any worry.

Anchors Away! (Jerry is also a proud United States Navy Veteran)

Jamie James - Owner / Expert Pillion

With over 150,000 miles, 16 years and several different motorcycles, Jamie had earned her stripes as “Expert Pillion”. The thrill of carving twisty back roads and using her senses to take in the environment lights her fire. Being a teacher allows Jamie the benefit of having summers off so she can contribute to route scouting and planning for Moto Adrenaline Tours. 2021 was a big year for Jamie, too. During her summer break she took the rider training course and gained her motorcycle endorsement and bought her first, very own motorcycle.

Our Dream 

We have been dreaming about starting a small venture that would allow us to share our love for two and four wheeled adventures for many years. We have had for years to document our journeys, in written and picture form. Over the past 15 years we have planned many trips and have seen so many places, enjoyed numerous life long memories together and with our friends. Seeing and speaking with friends that have ridden with us for years and to hear the stories and see the smiles as they look back on some memorable journeys always warms our hearts.


Now we want to share these memories and adventures with you. We will take care of everything. 


You're FREE to enjoy the experience while creating memories and making new friends with like minded community members. 

Dustin & Kate Coit - Dual-Sport Ride Leaders 

Jerry and Jamie’s path crossed with Dustin and Kate’s during the Covid-19 pandemic. Both couples have YouTube channels focusing on motorcycling that laid the foundation of a deep friendship. Dustin and Kate started riding together on cruisers and have since made the transition to ADV bikes. Dustin has always loved guiding people into the backcountry, be it on a snowboard in Colorado or on a motorcycle in Arkansas. He loves to study maps and strives to make the best routes possible. Recently, the couple decided to train and attend the BMW GS Trophy Qualifier. Their training makes them a great team for leading dual-sport tours through the Ozarks where they like to get dirty and to take the road less traveled.

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