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two ktm 390’s take on moab!

We had a scheduled four wheeled off-road adventure for the 3rd week of September. Mark contacted me and threw out the idea, of going early so we could take the little 390’s out and have some dirt fun. It sounded like a great idea, so off we went!

All loaded up and ready to roll.

Looking at the map, I noticed that it was a good 1100 miles to get to our destination. We decided to meet up outside Enid OK and then we would drive to Raton NM for the night. This would break up the trip into a manageable drive, without exhausting us completely.

Mark also has a 390 Adventure

We had a quick stay in Raton before heading to Moab. No stay in New Mexico would be complete without getting breakfast with some good green and red chile. We stopped at Michaels in Taos for that NM food fix.

Michaels in Taos

Mark looks happy. That burrito was tasty

After a long day of 500 miles we rolled into our campground in Moab. More on that later. We unloaded the bikes and got camp set up. We were really tired, so went to bed early. We knew the trails would be challenging, so we needed our rest.

Long straight road in NM

The camp sites were very close together.

We woke up to a beautiful morning with a little wind blowing from time to time. Today we would take on Hurrah pass. We spoke with a couple of guys who were riding from SC and they said that Hurrah was very rough and they would think twice about doing it again. This almost scared us off, but we decided to give it a try. I am glad we did.