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Colorado Video is live!

We did an adventure lite tour back in July to Ouray Colorado and I am just now getting to the video. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed the group. It is always fun when folks see these great trails for the first time.

Hanging out at 11,000 feet
The gang is all here

The weather was amazing and I think that all of us appreciated the cooler temps. Some of the folks were from Texas and they were experiencing triple-digit temps during this time. I think it reached 85 once in the week we were there. So the cool air was very nice.

Love that we were the only folks on the trail.
Ophir Pass is like driving on another planet

If this trip looks fun and you would like more information on our 2024 trips, stop by to see what is in store for the new year. You can check out all of the pictures from the event here: Colorado 2023 Photo Gallery. Check out the video below.

Fun times in Colorado
Checking my rear view

Great trails with good friends
Follow the leader

Not a bad view at all. Colorado is amazing!
Beautifull scenery was the call for the day

Until next time everyone. Be kind and get out and explore. Remember that Adventure is Better Together!


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