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Ozark Run – 1st Arkansas Weekender of the year!

Updated: Feb 2

Kicking off the Weekender series with some dual-sport riding in the Ozarks. Fun times!

We love this time of the year. Spring is right around the corner and the Ozarks are starting to bloom. So what is the best way to kick off the riding season? How about our first Arkansas Weekender Event!

This event took place on March 18-20, 2022. We had a couple of riders join us and had a fantastic weekend. Here is a quick ride report from this event.

It was a little chilly out on Thursday afternoon as I headed out to Eureka Springs. I was very excited as this would be the kick off event for Moto Adrenaline Tours. Our dream was coming true and I was excited to get started. The weather was overcast and chilly, but I was nothing but smiles with warmth in my heart!

I rolled up to our host hotel, the quant little hotel nestled in the beautiful little village of Eureka Springs. We have been staying at the Edelweiss Inn since 2007. The hotel is clean, and affordable and the owners are very accommodating. This year's stay did not disappoint.

I got everyone checked in and hustled to my room to wait for everyone to ride in and to catch some March Madness on the tube. Dustin & Kate came in around 5:30 and Randy showed up around 6:30. Randy got the award for coming the farthest to ride with us. San Antonio is a haul on a Honda 300, so he split it up in two days. We made our introductions and then headed over to Café Amore for some amazing Italian food. It was a great way to start off the weekend event.

We woke up to a COLD and WET Friday morning! The temperature hovered around 38, so we had a little meeting and decided that we would have breakfast and head out around 10am, giving Mother Nature a chance to warm up a few degrees.

We loaded up and rode off with our spirits high. The weather was warming up (41 degrees) and the rain looked like it would hold off for a few hours. Dustin & Kate were our ride leaders for this event and as always they were amazing! More on them later. We hit some back roads and enjoyed the morning. There is nothing like exploring the backroads here in Arkansas. We started off with some pretty tame roads, winding our way through the backcountry. We made our first stop of the day to take in the overlook at Kings River. It is a short 1/2 mile hike from the trail, but well worth the hike. Even in Motorcycle gear, it was a nice little stretch of the legs. The views did not disappoint.

After our quick hike, we got back on the bikes and rode more dirt. The weather was still cooperating as it was not raining on us. We had some fun in the dirt, before arriving at our next stop. Glory B waterfall is a little hidden gem. We spent a few minutes exploring the area. This is a great little spot to take a break from some nice backroad exploration.

As luck would have it, the weather started to turn for the worse. The temps started to drop and the wind picked up. Then came a steady cold drizzle of rain. Not the best of riding conditions. This did not dampen our spirits however as we continued with the ride. We were building up a hefty appetite, as we enjoyed the back country roads. It was time for lunch. We rode for a few more miles before pointing the bikes in the direction of some warm food. Our lunch destination was the Bean Palace at the famous War Eagle Mill. We walked around the Mill, before heading upstairs for lunch. We had a great lunch and then we all took a vote and thought it was best to head back to the hotel. The temps were back in the high 30s and the rain was coming down. It was time to get back and warm up, so we could do it all again tomorrow. The wind was a factor on the ride back as a strong 15-20 mph crosswind was not fun.

Everyone made it back to the hotel safely if not a little cold. We took it easy the rest of the afternoon, getting warm and enjoying each other's company. It was a nice way to spend the late afternoon. We finished the day by walking across the street for a small meal of Thai food, before turning in for the evening. The good news was, the weather forecast for tomorrow looked to be in our favor. Only time will tell.

We woke up to warmer temperatures, but more importantly, the sun was shining! This morning Brian would be joining us. He camped out last night. Yes, I said he camped out. It still makes me shiver just thinking about it. We took in a hearty breakfast and hit the road looking for more back road fun. It was going to be a great day!

Our first stop was the little Golden Gate Bridge of Arkansas. We took a few pictures, before heading off for some dirt.

We spent the next hour, riding some fun dirt roads, with some beautiful scenery. The roads were a little greasy as the mud made for some exciting moments. We took our time, did some off-bike exploration, and enjoyed some dual-sport comradery. We even did a few water crossings. This dual-sport thing is a ton of fun!

The afternoon provided some excitement for the group. the roads became more difficult, the rocks grew larger, the mud came on thicker and we had a blast. It was a fantastic afternoon. The group had a ball. There was one section that got our attention. Dustin and most of the group took off down a challenging trail. I stayed back, understanding that my skill level did not allow for me to make it safely. I was glad I made that decision. The pictures do not tell the complete story. It was a fun afternoon.

We finished up the day after having a quick lunch at State Line Grab & Go BBQ. We took in a few more miles of dirt before heading back to Eureka Springs. We stopped by the Christ of the Ozarks to take a few pictures. The statue is 67 feet high and can be seen for miles. What a great day of riding! We all had a lot of fun. No one was hurt and the bikes performed flawlessly.

We got back to the hotel and said our goodbyes to Brian. He wanted to get back to camp before the sun went down. It was a pleasure riding with Brian and we look forward to spending more time in the dirt with him. The rest of us took a shower and then we walked down the street to the Rockin’ Pig Saloon for dinner. This was the only negative experience of the trip. Poor service, Bad Food, and a manager who needed a lesson in customer service. Let’s just say that we will not be going back.

The rest of the evening was so much fun. We all had a great time telling stories from the day. It was a great weekend. New friends were made and I am sure that memories were made that will last for a while. A special thanks to Brian and Randy for joining us on our first Arkansas Weekender. You all made it a great weekend for all. Let’s do it again soon!

I want to say a special thanks to our ride leaders, Dustin & Kate. They know the back roads of Arkansas like no others. Their skill level and calming personalities make them wonderful guides and a joy to be around. They made this weekend special. I am proud that they are part of the Moto Adrenaline team. Thank you Dustin & Kate, you all ROCK!

If this trip looks fun and you are interested in joining us for one of our Arkansas Weekenders. Go check us out here for the details. The next Arkansas Weekender is a camping adventure at Blowing Springs Park in Bella Vista Arkansas. Spots are filling up fast, so don’t delay in signing up.

You can see all of the pictures here: Ozark Run Weekender Event. You can see the Video from this weekend here on our YouTube Channel. Jerry & Jamie 2UP.


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