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Ozark Run – 1st Arkansas Weekender of the year!

Kicking off the weekender series with some dual-sport riding in the Ozarks. Fun times!

We love this time of the year. Spring is right around the corner and the Ozarks are starting to bloom. So what is the best way to kick off the riding season? How about our first Arkansas Weekender Event!

This event took place on March 18-20, 2022. We had a couple of riders join us and had a fantastic weekend. Here is a quick ride report from this event.

It was a little chilly out on Thursday afternoon as I headed out to Eureka Springs. I was very excited as this would be the kick off event for Moto Adrenaline Tours. Our dream was coming true and I was excited to get started. The weather was overcast and chilly, but I was nothing but smiles with warmth in my heart!

My KTM ready for the years first dual-sport weekender event.

I rolled up to our host hotel, the quant little hotel nestled in the beautiful little village of Eureka Springs. We have been staying at the Edelweiss Inn since 2007. The hotel is clean, affordable and the owners are very accommodating. This years stay did not disappoint.

What a great selection of machines.

I got everyone checked in and hustled to my room to wait for everyone to ride in and to catch some March Madness on the tube. Dustin & Kate came in around 5:30 and Randy showed up around 6:30. Randy got the award for coming the farthest to ride with us. San Antonio is a haul on a Honda 300, so he split it up in two days. We made our introductions and then headed over to Café Amore for some amazing Italian food. It was a great way to start off the weekend event.

We woke up to a COLD and WET Friday morning! The temperature hovered around 38, so we had a little meeting and decided that we would have breakfast and head out around 10am, giving mother nature a chance to warm up a few degrees.

It was a cold and wet start to the event

We loaded up and rode off with our spirits high. The weather was warming up (41 degrees) and the rain looked like it would hold off for a few hours. Dustin & Kate were our ride leaders for this event and as always they were amazing! More on them later. We hit some back roads and enjoyed the morning. There is nothing like exploring the backroads here in Arkansas. We started off with some pretty tame roads, winding our way through the back country. We made our first stop of the day to take in the overlook at Kings River. It is a short 1/2 mile hike from the trail, but well worth the hike. Even in Motorcycle gear, it was a nice little stretch of the legs. The views did not disappoint.

Randy, Dustin & Kate